Airfield Services

We specialize in airfield maintenance, including cleaning, runway markings, rubber removal, and more. The company has been working on airfields since 1984 and prides itself on the quality of work that we do. (Copies of performance evaluations from our many satisfied customers available upon request). Although based in Virginia, our crews travel great distances to service our clients, from Virginia to Guam!

  • Removing rubber deposits that build up on runways from the landing/take-off of turbojet aircraft. Rubber contamination on the runway will reduce the friction coefficient of the pavement surface, a potential problem, particularly when the pavement is wet.
  • Removing obsolete paint markings from the pavement and remove heavily built-up or loose or flaking paint.
  • Preparing the surface by waterblasting to remove contaminants.
  • Painting airfield markings, using the highest quality federal specification materials. We remain current with the latest FAA, military and ICAO specifications for marking layout and application requirements.
  • Installation of Airmark pre-formed thermo plastic markings.
All of our personnel are Sightline certified.

The bottom "line" (pun intended): We won't leave the job until the customer is satisfied....whatever it takes!

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