Pope Striping Services: Pavement Markings, Asphalt Paving, Asphalt Seal Coating, Parking Lot Striping, Highway Markings, Airport Markings, Airport Striping, Taxiway Striping, Road Striping, Reflective Striping, Non Reflective Striping, Handicap Marking



For over 30 years Pope Striping has been offering full service Paving, Sealing, & Striping of parking lots across much of the U.S. If you need any kind of striping or marking, we are the company for you. This includes airport striping, taxiway striping, reflective striping, non-reflective striping, highway striping, and roadway markings and more.

Our marking and striping service is second to none. We have the best equipment and highly trained employees that ensure that each and every striping, marking or seal coating project is done to perfection.

Pope Striping provides airport striping, parking lot striping, pre form thermoplastic, highway striping, seal coating as well as patching, paving and parking lot excavation. Our professional team of striping, marking, patching, paving & seal coating are the best in the business.

We use the latest technology. All of our line striping machines are the most advanced and are extremely reliable and dependable.

  • Pavement Markings
  • Line Striping
  • Asphalt Paving
  • Asphalt Sealing
  • Parking Lot Striping
  • Highway Markings
  • Airport Markings
  • Airport Striping
  • Taxiway Striping
  • Road Striping
  • Reflective Striping
  • Non Reflective Striping
  • Handicap Markings
  • Hotel Parking Striping
  • Parking Garage Striping
  • Pre-Form Thermoplastic
  • Parking Lot Paving
  • Parking Lot Excavation
  • Parking Lot Patching
  • Seal Coating
  • Thermoplastic Spray
  • Intersection Striping
  • Tennis Courts
  • Warehouse Striping
  • Snow Plow Reflectors
  • Stadium Lot Seal Coating
  • Interstate Striping
  • Striping Stenciling
  • Handicap Signage
  • Hash Markings
  • Curb Painting
  • Firelane

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We custom mix our Striping Paints, and we have our own Thermoplastic machines and truck.

Thermoplastic markings are applied using specially designed vehicles. The thermoplastic mix is heated in trucks to about 200 °C (400 °F) before being fed to the application apparatus. This is often a screed box or ribbon gun. Immediately after the thermoplastic has been applied, glass beads are laid onto the hot material so that they embed before the plastic hardens. These beads provide initial retro-reflection. As the marking wears during use and the initial beads are lost, the beads mixed with the binder are uncovered, providing long term reflectivity. Most thermoplastic is produced in white and yellow colors, but other colors such as red may also be produced.

Plastics were introduced in the late 1960s and early 1970s.Commonly referred to as tape or cold plastic, this product is heavy-grade material with reflective beads embedded in the plastic. It is commonly used to mark crosswalks, stop bars, and traffic guidance such as turn lanes, HOV lanes, train crossings, pedestrian crossings, taxi lanes, bus lanes, and bike lanes.

Preformed Thermoplastic—Preformed thermoplastic pavement markings are applied using a propane heat torch and are used primarily because of their durability and cost-effective service life. Cut and ready to position onto an asphalt or concrete pavement surface, the most common applications of preformed thermoplastic pavement markings are found at intersections as transverse markings such as stop lines, legends, crosswalks, arrows, bike lane symbols, and accessibility symbols.

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Pope Striping provides services to 35 major cities.  We can also serve locations in: IL, IN, OH, PA, NY, MD, WV, VA, NC, SC, MI, TX, FL, AL, GA and OK.