Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions about line striping, road marking, seal coating and more. We hope that these FAQ below helps to answer some of your common questions.

Do you specially formulate your paints for each job?
Yes, to ensure the optimal performance, we do specially formulate our paint for each specific job.

What areas do you service for line striping and your other services?
We service much of the US, including TN, IL, IN, OH, PA, NY, MD, WV, VA, NC, SC, MI, TX, FL, AL, GA, OK. Our list of states is constantly expanding, so please contact us if your state is not listed!

Who are a few of your references that you have done striping jobs for?
Central Parking Systems, All Right Parking, Republic Parking & Premier Parking, C & D Parking, Lowe's, Target, Wal-Mart, Kroger, Hertz, Avis, LP Field and many more.

What is Sealcoating?
Sealcoat replenishes the top layer of oil to prevent the asphalt from becoming brittle. Sealers protect asphalt from leaks and spills of fuel, oil and solvents.

What is roadsurface paint made of?
Road surface paint is traditionally made from different forms of thermoplastic Thermoplastic . Made from polymer resins, it is a type of plastic that becomes a homogenised liquid when heated and hard cooled. It can be reheated, reshaped and repeatedly frozen.

Does my parking lot have to be re-striped annually?
Not all parking lots will need to be re-striped every year. It really depends on the amount of traffic and the wear and tear. It is recommended though for heavy-use lots to re-stripe annually. It is always a good idea too to keep all fire lanes striping very clear and visible.

Are all paints equal? Does it matter what type of paint is used for my striping?
All paints are not equal, and it definitely does matter what type of paint is used for line striping. We use a variety of commercial products and custom formulate our paint for each job to ensure that the best and most appropriate paint is used for each job. Be sure whoever you choose is using a high quality pavement grade paint.

Can you stripe when our office is closed, or outside of normal business hours?
We understand that it can be a huge inconvenience to try to stripe certain areas during normal operating hours, which is why we definitely offer striping outside of normal business hours as needed.


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